Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vacation Food

It's hard to believe that the long awaited vacation is over, but it definitely feels good to be back. Virginia was great- relaxed in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, wake-boarded at the lake, and enjoyed some great down-home cooking thanks to the future in-laws. I ate more whole wheat biscuits than I'm proud to admit, but it's not too often that I'm in the south.

New York was full of delectable dish after dish, and I gobbled it all up. I have to admit that I strayed from the Caveman diet a few times. I enjoyed one of the best pizzas ever at Keste, which makes organic pizza with fresh ingredients. We had the prosciutto, mushroom and tomato pizza. The dough was so light and airy, the tomato sauce tasted like tomatoes, and the cheese was great. If you're going to eat pizza, do it right:

One highlight was a small whole in the wall Greek deli that made in-house fallafel, hummus, and babaganoush. It was delicious! You could really tell how much care was put into the food. Since it was a small operation, they really took the time to make each dish full of flavor.

Another highlight of NY was a Cuban restaurant in the West Village. I had the braised ox tail on top of pureed plantains- amazing! I couldn't believe the amount of flavor they developed in their sauce- it was an all around great dish.

I think the overall best meal we had in the city was a homemade meal by a couple of Chris' friends John and Zander. John follows the Caveman diet, and even started up a group to bring fellow cavmen together. Check out his group here

They BBQ'd us a wonderful meal of chicken steak and veggie kebabs, chicken sausage, salad, and broccoli. There's nothing better than enjoying good food with good friends, especially when it's Paleo!

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