Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why I Cook?


When I meet someone new and the subject of 'jobs' comes up, usually one of their first questions is "Why?"

"Why would you want to cook for dozens of families every week? Seems like a lot of work!"

The short answer: "I want to help families eat healthier." True enough. But why would I want to do this?? I think I figured it out this week. And it turns out it's a little selfish...

My fiance has been out of town for a week, so I have been alone in our San Francisco apartment. This means that instead of cooking for my husband-to-be every night, I have been on my own. And I don't think I cooked a single dinner for myself all week. I grabbed dinner with friends, got Indian food takeout, and actually skipped a couple meals because I just didn't feel like cooking. (Well and of course we have some realllly good takeout in the neighborhood!)

When I cleaned out all the un-eaten food on Sunday I thought about why I hadn't prepared any of it for myself throughout the week. I mean, I like to cook, right?

Last night I had a couple people over for dinner and I figured it out.

It turns out that I like to cook...but mostly when other people are there to enjoy the fruits of my labor. If it's just me on the receiving end, what's the point in going through the effort? I know what I am capable of cooking and exactly how it will taste when it's done. But when I cook for others, it becomes a challenge--my guests are surprised by the food I put before them, and often very appreciative of the meal. They ask questions: "what spice is that?" "how did you make the broccoli so green?" I love filling up my family and friends with food that nourish and satisfy them.

There's something about getting a home-cooked meal that is so much more fulfilling than Chinese takeout or dining in a restaurant. You know that the cook made you this meal because they cared about you and what you're putting into your body. And of course it's made with love.

Fortunately I am in the right line of business. Every week I get to make fresh nutritious meals for dozens of families. And when I receive an email or survey entry saying that they enjoyed their meal, it makes me feel just as happy as cooking for my fiance or friends.

Thank you to all of my loyal clients for bringing me this happiness every week!


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