Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Foodie Book Club

I have been reading some really great books lately, and wanted to share them with you all. Maybe it's because I am obsessed with food, cooking, and anything that goes with it, but I absolutely love reading about the food industry. The following 3 books are all entertaining, funny reads...

Cooking and Screaming
Adrienne Kane grew up in Hillsborough and attended UC Berkeley. A few weeks before graduation she encountered a debilitating tragedy, and was able to cope with it by embracing her love for cooking. Extremely uplifting!

The Man Who Ate The World In Search of the Perfect Meal
Food critic Jay Rayner travels the world tasting the best meals known to man. My favorite part was when he ate at 6 Michelin star restaurants in Paris in one week! It was fun living vicariously through his palate.

Tender At The Bone
Ruth Reichl humorously tells her story of growing up in love with food and how it led to her job as the NY Times restaurant critic. Ruth has a few entertaining books, including one that makes a great Mother's Day gift called "For you Mom, Finally"

Hope you like the books! I will add more soon :)

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