Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Paleo in a Nutshell

Evolution Catering features Paleo meals on our menu every week. In case you're new to the paleo scene, here's a quick summary of the primal life:
  • Eat Like a Caveman: Cavemen flourished on primarily meat and vegetables. They didn't indulge in pasta, bread, or anything processed. They were lean, athletic and in shape.
  • Work Out Like a Caveman: Cavemen didn't 'jog' for 45 on the treadmill every day. Their workout regimen consisted of quick sprints (while chasing their dinner), and intense spurts of strength (they didn't do 20 reps of 2 lbs. hand weights at the gym every 3 days)
  • Live Like a Caveman: Cavemen did not live by routine. They didn't have the luxury of 3 well-rounded meals per day, and they didn't sit down at the computer for nearly all their waking hours.
Why would I want to live like a Caveman anyway? Didn't they die really young?

False. The average life expectancy of cavemen was shorter because they had to deal with distractions like getting killed by predators on a daily basis. A minor injury while running, like a sprained ankle could be the death of you since you can no longer stand your ground against predators or invading tribes. There is actually evidence of cavemen living to 80 or 100 years old. And they had much better teeth than us, since they didn't have things like cotton candy back then. Read more about the evidence here

Or see an amusing clip of my friend John explaining the modern hunter-gatherer lifestyle on Colbert Report here

Another reason to practice the paleo lifestyle:
That's right, I said it. Want to lose that extra bit of belly fat in time for swimsuit season? Try eating meat, fish and veggies for a couple weeks and see what happens. Really! Check out my before and after pics if you don't believe me...

What do you think about the paleo lifestyle??


  1. Love the colbert report. I think we're all lactose interolant and gluten interolant!

  2. Hey Kat,Just stumbled onto your site,loving it! Wonderful recipes!! Thanks so much:)

  3. Lindsay- I know what you mean! I get a total carb hangover if I cheat and eat non-paleo--I will feel super lethargic the next day!

    Trixie- Welcome! Happy to have you here!!