Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Calorie Question

Clients and potential clients often ask me "do you list the calories in your food?".

A simple answer is "NO"

But to go a bit deeper I will explain why I don't advertise this information:

I used to be a strict calorie counter. I also used to be over 20 lbs. heavier and a whole lot less happy. Today I am at my optimum weight and have not looked at a single calorie listing in over 2 years.

I guess I should also disclose that most of the time I stick to a meat, fish and produce diet. Although I will have a carb every now and then it is definitely the exception and not the rule.

The thing I love so much about this food lifestyle (note I avoid the negative connotation of the word 'diet') is that I can eat as much meat, fish and produce as I want to without ever looking at a calorie count. I find this way of life so refreshing from the traditional restrictive dieting. And I feel healthy, vibrant and alive!

So back to the business...if a client requests the calorie count or other nutritional information I will happily hand it over. But I don't voluntarily post it simply because it is not what I like to focus on. Instead of running the numbers, eat fresh natural foods to your heart's content. Your body will thank you for it!

Read up on what Mark Sisson says about calorie counting here

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  1. Mark Sisson's diet is good. In ways it is more paleo than Loren Cordain's variant on it. My problems with it is the "sort of" inclusion of dairy. It isn't paleo, but many people find it hard to give up. And he recommends some supplements. Our paleo ancestors certainly weren't supplementing! But they did get lots of sun, and unless one is living outdoors one should take ample Vitamin D3 supplements.

  2. Vitamin D. I just have olive oil.

    I too have just released the idea of calorie counting. It is a huge deal for me but very freeing.

  3. Everything you said is true!

    Calorie counting is complicated, takes time and is not needed to reach optimal body composition.


  4. Don-

    I would have to agree with you on supplements. I don't take anything, and feel great! But with dairy i am guilty of indulging in cheese and yogurt from time to time. My body tolerates it fine, and i really enjoy it, so I figure that it's ok if I'm not 100% paleo :)

  5. PrimalJournal & DarwinsTable- I LOVE the freedom to eat without counting calories too! It is very liberating and satisfying!