Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Caveman Cookies

Can You Bake Like a Caveman??

I was craving cookies...a warm, chewy cookie with chocolate chips oozing out...but wait, that's not so "caveman", right?? OK, well I decided to try out a recipe I found on the Son of Grok site. It's a pretty clever cookie recipe- no sugar and no flour. So I tried it out...

It uses almonds and coconut, processed into a "flour" then some eggs, carrot (for sweetness), nutmeg and vanilla.

I added some cinnamon, raisins, and honey as well since I have a sweet tooth.

The result:

A little too savory for me, although Chris loved them!

The next day I tried them out with some almond butter, to make them into "peanut butter cookies, caveman style":

I liked these much better, but I have to admit that they really don't compare to a big chewy chocolate chip. They were a good caveman substitute though, and worth a shot. I still felt a little puffy afterward, probably because of all the almond meal in them.

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