Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Favorite Workouts

I haven't posted anything about workouts lately, so I thought I'd give a brief rundown of what I've been up to. Note that I try to keep these workouts as irregular as possible, never letting my body settle into a rut.

1. Once/week: Hit the gym for random exercises, basically whatever I feel like doing for 20 mins. This sometimes consists of pull-ups (I can do 12 in a row!), tricep dips, chest presses, ab pulls, push-ups, lunges, squats, cable pulls, etc.

2. Once/week: Super-sets at the gym: If I'm feeling particularly uncreative, I will head to the "Express Workout" section of the gym, where they have about a dozen machines set up in a circle. I will hit each machine with super-sets, which consist of the following:
  • 15 really slow reps of a light to moderate weight
  • 8 reps (fast up, slow down) of a difficult weight
  • 4 quick reps of almost unmanageable weight
3. Once/week: Boot Camp: this is what I call my really intense workouts that incorporate cardio and strength. Basically I make a routine for myself that consists of switching off between a weights exercise and a cardio exercise. I mix it up to keep it fun. Here are some things I throw into the mix:
  • burpees
  • squats on the half ball
  • suicide sprints
  • overhead presses
  • jumping jacks
  • flys w/ dumb bells
  • step (i grab the step and do some shooters off of it)
  • rows
4. Once/week: sprints: I run up and down the crazy hills in my neighborhood, Nob Hill

5. Once/every 2-3 weeks: Step class (for fun and to switch it up a bit- I grew up taking dance classes and love this class b/c we get to learn new routines every week!)

6. Every week I manage to go on at least a couple long walks- a mile to downtown, or the Marina or North Beach, all depending on what we have going on for the weekend. Or I'll go for a quick run on the beach while Chris surfs :)

I really love working out, and when I can't for some reason I get bummed out. Not only do I notice a difference in my muscle tone and leanness, but I rely on exercise to clear my head. Sitting in front of the computer all day most days takes a toll after a while, and I just want to jump out of my seat, throw my iPod on and take off on a run to the gym!

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