Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Group Discounts

Do you want a discount on your order every week? We can set up a group discount for you and your peers. This is great for:
  • work: a 5% off promo code for everyone in your office, free delivery to work
  • schools: a promo code for the whole school. We'll give you 5% off plus donate 5% to the school for the first month
  • day cares: a 5% off promo code for the whole day care, with free delivery to the day care
  • neighbors: get your neighbors together. You can have all of the food delivered to one house to cut down on delivery fees. With 4 neighbors or more we'll give you 5% off!
And if you have another type of group in mind, we're open to hearing your ideas and setting that up for you!

promo code:spice

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