Sunday, April 19, 2009

Feeling Good :)

Rewind to Kat 7 days ago (following her Easter Sunday sugar rush): full, lethargic, puffy,

Kat today: energetic, lean, happy

So how did I lose the extra chub??

My 3 Day Secret:
  • Day 1: Breakfast was a big scramble of eggs and bacon. Then I was in my commercial kitchen filling orders. I resisted even one small bite of the stroganoff noodles or manicotti (although I had a bunch of the sausage and pepper manicotti filling-yummmm). Dinner was left over sirloin from the beef stroganoff and halibut with citrus herb salsa plus some brussel sprouts
  • Day 2: Another big egg scramble for breakfast. Then I was at PAC all day teaching swimming. On my break I grabbed a chicken salad and an orange from the deli. I picked up some steak on my way home from work and cooked it up with a bag of spinach
  • Day 3: I felt great! I wasn't even tempted to eat poorly because I wanted to continue feeling amazing. We even went out to lunch at Crepevine in Burlingame, and I ordered a big yummy Thai salad with chicken. (I discarded the bread that came with it immediately). That night I had chicken with some tabouli and hummus :)
After only three days of cutting out the carbs and the sweets, you can feel great too! Embrace your best self. Join the Evolution.

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