Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Brunch Bliss

We have been following the caveman diet pretty well the past 2 weeks, and we feel great! However, since I am a total foodie and love all kinds of food, I have to allow myself to stray every once in a while. We had all morning to cook up something amazing, so we consulted the Culinary Institute of America cookbook "Breakfasts and Brunches" (I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves breakfasts- amazing pictures, and tastes even better!) and decided on the Biscuits and Sausage Gravy.

Now, we have made these before, and know how hard it is to leave even one biscuit untouched. We didn't want to ruin everything we've worked for the past two weeks, so we decided to make only a half batch of biscuits. The recipe is really easy, only requiring a bit of kneading, and 15 minutes rest in the fridge before baking.

Chris was the gravy man- he browned the sausage, set the roux, and developed the bechamel to perfection!

We also scrambled up a couple of eggs to go with the recipe so we'd fill up more on protein than the carbo-liscious biscuits.

The biscuits came out with a beautiful golden brown crust, and were light as air in the middle. We sliced them open and piled on the gravy. The gravy was rich, creamy, meaty, and seasoned to perfection They were incredible- worth every last bite:

I'm ready to get back to eating like a caveman now. I have satisfied my foodie craving with a small bite of heaven this morning, and am ready to get right back on track!

Drop a comment with your favorite breakfast or brunch ideas that are worth every sinful bite!

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