Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Intro to Evolution Catering's Blog


Welcome to the first blog for Evolution Catering. If you are unfamiliar to EC, here's a little about what we d0:

What: Provide healthy prepared meals to clients in the Bay Area. Everything is ready to reheat for dinner, making it easy to enjoy a wholesome meal every night of the week.

Why: Obesity is out of control! And I get it- at 6pm when you are driving home from work it is so easy to swing by the drive-through window to pick up dinner. That's why I have created a healthy alternative.

When: We deliver every Monday, to help you stock up your fridge with healthy choices for the week.

Who: Well for starters, I'm Kat and I started up EC in September 2008. I have struggled with my weight since middle school- working out constantly without any result. I ate Slimfast bars for breakfast every morning and stuck to low-fat processed foods. I woke up early to hit the gym for an hour before school and work in College- still no results.

My Revelation: I have always been a foodie! As a kid every Saturday morning I would watch Julia Childs instead of cartoons. Cooking just always made me happy. So my senior year of college in San Diego I applied for my first job in the food industry. It was a healthy sandwich and salad catering business called Rainmaker's. The owner called me in for an interview the next Monday morning. I double-checked the address as I pulled up to the small one bedroom Pacific Beach apartment. It was a residential neighborhood- no sandwich shop to be found. Nevertheless I climbed the steps to the apartment, opened the door, and found the most handsome man I had ever seen dressed in an apron with several dozen sandwiches laid before him. I knew my life would never be the same!

Long story short, I got the job that day, and a boyfriend shortly after. Chris and I have been together for 2 1/2 years now. We eventually moved the sandwich business into a legitimate commercial kitchen, and closed up shop about a year after I joined him. We decided to make our way up the coast to settle down in the Bay Area. We are now living in Burlingame and are planning to move to the city in the summer.

Oh yea, but I forgot to mention my REVELATION! A couple months into my venture with Chris and Rainmaker's we decided to drop a few pounds together. We committed to three weeks without refined sugars. This means basically any ingredient that ends with "-ose" including high fructose corn syrup which was in about everything I ate. It was tough for me b/c I ate a mug full of "low fat" ice cream every night! But all the foods I thought were good for me because they said "low fat" or "low calorie" were actually the worst things for me. So we made this three week commitment and I lost 10 pounds that month! For five feet tall, ten pounds really shows! I was ecstatic.

The next month we decided to cut out white bread and pasta. Same results! Another 10 pounds gone, and I was a completely new person. I finally had the flat stomach I never thought I would have. My face was lean- you could see my cheekbones for the first time in my life. And after cutting out those sugars I just didn't crave them anymore. It was such an amazing gift I had discovered, and I have Chris to thank.

Here are my before/after pics:

Over the next year we kept taking our diet to the next level. I think we have finally arrived. A typical diet for us consists of a lot of meat and vegetables. We stuff ourselves with bacon, chicken, omelettes, and brussel sprouts. We want for nothing. Ok, we do cheat every once in a while but it's nothing like how I ate on a regular basis a couple of years ago!

I look forward to blogging about health, fitness, and starting up a company. Eat like a caveman!

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  1. Your food is the best! I feel like a king every time I open the fridge.