Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Healthy To Me

I recently sent out an anonymous survey to everyone who signed up to receive my weekly newsletter, asking for feedback on ways to improve the business. I got some really useful suggestions about different types of food to add to the menu, and will definitely implement most of these. There is just one response that I would love to address :

"butter steak? cordon bleu? seems artery clogging!"

I felt like I should respond to this reader's concerns and tell a little about my food and why I serve the food I serve.

I like meat
Our menu is comprised largely of meat. EC was created as a source of Paleo ("or Caveman diet") foods, which feature meat (including red meat!) and veggies. Only later we received a high demand of Family Style meals (including non-Paleo ingredients such as whole grains) so we introduced some Family Style options as well.

I think dairy is OK
Some Paleo people cut out dairy completely from their diet, which I think is great for them! However, I do enjoy cheese and think that butter enhances flavor. I believe that using real butter (not imitation butter aka margarine) and real cheese in moderation is fine for me!

I'm not so concerned with calories
One of the best things about Evolutionary Fitness is that it takes all of the hard work out of the equation. I no longer have to count calories (as I incessantly did when I was overweight!). But now I eat my fill of my natural meat, veggies, and occasional fruit and dairy, and my body tells me when I have enough, or when I need to re-fuel.

Other sources
Here are some sources that I have found answer a lot of questions about heart disease and the need for animal fats in our diets:

Whole Health
Free The Animal

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