Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How to tackle childhood obesity

Check out this clip. What is the real source of childhood obesity??

In my personal opinion, children are eating way too much fake food. From drive-thru windows to frozen TV dinners, children are eating substances of foods that are unrecognizable to their original ingredients. These 'foods' lack the nutrients kids need, and they teach kids addictive and dangerous habits.

Yes, sugar is addictive. And there is no reason to feed children these things. They are a blank slate, so might as well form good healthy habits young while we have a chance.

This is why I am launching a line of Kid's Meals. They will feature good clean kid-friendly food, with a healthy twist. Instead of hiding spinach in brownies (like some popular cookbooks), let's present children with the real deal- meats and vegetables that just taste really good- even to a kid!

Every Monday in October will feature a new kids meal. We'll see how the kids respond and go from there!

Drop a comment if you have any kid meal ideas for me!

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