Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cleanse 2

Feedback from the last Cleanse: "Everything was delicious and really helped with controlling my out of control eating habits. I feel a little lost now without it. Would absolutely do it again and again. I feel much better, more energy and hopeful that I can keep it going. Thanks so much for doing it. Please
do it again..., soon!"

The last cleanse was so popular that we are doing it again Monday August 9! We have taken your feedback and tweaked the menu a little bit. Check it out and tell your friends. The better turnout we get, the more often we can offer the cleanse!

4 Days of Amazing Meals that omit:
  • dairy
  • wheat
  • grains
  • sugar
  • red meat

Monday 8/9:

  • dinner: salmon on a bed of spinach with honey chile glaze

Tuesday 8/10:

  • breakfast: veggie fritatta
  • snack: side of berries
  • lunch: mixed greens salad with grilled chicken, kale, red peppers, avocado, sliced almonds, lemon vinaigrette
  • dinner: wild Alaskan cod or halibut with basil mint pesto and sauteed spinach

Wednesday 8/11:

  • breakfast: hard-boiled egg with guacamole, slice of turkey and tomato
  • snack: almonds
  • lunch: spinach salad with salmon, pecans, apples, seeds, shaved fennel apple cider vinaigrette
  • dinner: lettuce wraps with chicken breast, shaved carrots, sesame seeds, green onions, broccoli, red peppers

Thursday 8/12:

  • breakfast: veggie frittata
  • snack: orange
  • lunch: mixed greens with a side of tuna salad with basil and apples
  • dinner: chili stuffed bell peppers- stuffed with lean ground turkey, beans and tomato

Friday, 8/13

  • breakfast: apple with almond butter
  • snack: hummus with celery and carrots
  • lunch: veggie soup (veggie broth, tomatoes, carrots, celery, tomato, onion, garlic)
  • dinner: grilled chicken breast with seasonal veggies
Please note that I am not a doctor. I am not here to give any type of medical advice. I am just here to provide yummy food that will make you feel amazing.

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