Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Book I Love

The Sweet Life In Paris: Delicious Adventures
in the World's Most Glorious - and Perplexing - City
By David Lebovitz

David Lebovitz captures the essence of what it takes to be an American turned Parisian. As a former award-winning pastry chef at the infamous Chez Panisse in Berkeley, David definitely has the credentials to be considered a celebrity chef. But what makes him really special is his magical gift with words.

Paragraph by paragraph you feel like you are walking the spindly streets with him, stepping into pastry shops and boulangeries, smelling the sweet aroma of salted butter. He takes you behind the scenes with Parisian fish mongers, cheese makers and chocolate artists. He comically explains the social and cultural differences between fumbling American tourists and refined Parisian sophisticates.

Having recently spent some time in Paris, I kept noticing how accurate David was- we kept running into real-life examples of the hilarious anecdotes we read. The new hubby would read a chapter of "The Sweet Life" to me every evening while I cooked dinner and it quickly became something I looked forward to every day.

Excerpt from Amazon:
"I distinctly remember the exact moment when I became Parisian. It wasn’t the moment when I found myself seriously considering buying dress socks with goofy cartoon characters on them. Nor was it the time I went to my bank with €135 in hand to make a payment for €134, and thought it completely normal when the teller told me that the bank didn’t have any change that day.
And I’m sure it wasn’t when I ran into the fifty-something receptionist from my doctor’s office sunbathing topless by the Seine, à la française, and I didn’t avert my eyes (much as I wanted to).
It wasn’t when my shoulder bag caught the sweater of a young boy in La Maison du Chocolat and, as it started to unravel, I ignored his woeful cries. “C’est pas ma faute!” I reasoned to myself before walking away. After all, who in their right mind would wear a sweater to a chocolate shop, anyway?..."

This book would make a great Christmas book for anyone who loves food, loves Paris, or just loves to laugh:



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