Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The EC Cleanse March 7

Feedback from the Cleanse: "Everything was delicious and really helped with controlling my out of control eating habits. I feel a little lost now without it. Would absolutely do it again and again. I feel much better, more energy and hopeful that I can keep it going. Thanks so much for doing it. Please do it again, soon!"

Cleanse Week!

Monday 3/7
  • dinner: salmon in papilloote
Tuesday 3/8
  • breakfast: chicken apple sausage fritatta
  • snack: side of berries
  • lunch: (health nut salad)mixed greens salad with grilled chicken, kale, red peppers, avocado, sliced almonds, lemon vinaigrette
  • dinner: chili turkey stuffed red peppers
Wednesday 3/9
  • breakfast: hard-boiled egg with guacamole, slice of turkey and tomato
  • snack: almonds
  • lunch: chinese chicken salad
  • dinner: spicy baked ratatouille
Thursday 3/10
  • breakfast: veggie frittata
  • snack: orange
  • lunch: tuna nicoise salad with a side of mixed greens
  • dinner: Asian chicken stir fry
Friday 3/11
  • breakfast: apple with almond butter
  • snack: hummus plate
  • lunch: carrot ginger soup
  • dinner: herb roasted chicken with seasonal veggies
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