Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Braised Lamb Shanks

On Sunday evening at 6pm I was running around, trying to get some work done before meeting my friend for drinks at 7:00. My boyfriend Chris called and said he was on his way home so he could pick up something quick to make for dinner- perfect! Well, half an hour later Chris comes in with four pounds of lamb shanks...NOT something that we could really whip up in twenty minutes! He had really good intentions though :)

Fast forward to Tuesday night. I get home from working at the Athletic Club at 6:30. Now it's time to cook! I start off by slicing pockets in the shanks and stuffing some rosemary and garlic butter into the pockets.

Next I seasoned and browned them in my Le Creuset with some olive oil.

Once they were browned I roughly chopped the only other veggies we had in the house- shallots (I wish we had more), a couple carrots, and a couple handfuls of crimini mushrooms- and threw them in the pot. I let them cook a couple minutes then deglazed the pan with some chardonnay.

I put the shanks back in, and found a can of crushed tomatoes and poured that in too, along with enough chardonnay so that the shanks were halfway submerged.

I let it come to a boil and then left it on the stove to simmer partially covered for almost two hours. Rotated the shanks halfway through.

It was a late dinner, but definitely worth it! The mushrooms had absorbed all of the yummy shallot and lamb flavor. The tomato sauce was rich and velvety. And the lamb was falling off the bone. I need to make this more often. It just takes a little planning ahead, but once it's in the pot you can leave it and get some work done!

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