Sunday, May 31, 2009

Breakfast Sandwich- Caveman Style

We all know how much I love a good breakfast sandwich with bacon and eggs sandwiched between two crispy pieces of bread, and how sad it makes me to miss out on such a delight! Well, that is until I stumbled upon a blog post on the Son of Grok site. This guy figured out how to make an english muffin/griddle cake out of coconut powder (put shredded coconut in the food processor) and egg. Since my food processor was inaccessible that day I decided to use almond meal (blanched almonds crushed into a flour-type powder) instead. Check it out:

Kat's Breakfast Sandwich Recipe:

"English Muffins"

1. Whisk 3/4 cup almond meal with 2 eggs and a dash of salt and pepper

2.It should look like pancake batter. If it's too dry add some milk, if it's too wet add some more almond meal.

3. Get the pan really hot and add some butter. Drop the batter in circles. Fry those babies up til golden brown.

1. Poach some eggs: boil water in a wide saucepan
2. Add a splash of vinegar
3. Carefully slide the eggs into the water
4. Remove once set (a few minutes) to desired doneness

Also meanwhile...

1. Fry up some bacon or sausage patties (add cheese if desired)
2. Slice some avocado and/or tomato, salt them

Stack em up, and enjoy

The Result:
They tasted great! We felt a little heavy (probably from all that almond meal) afterward, but it was a great splurge for us to satisfy that breakfast sandwich craving!

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  1. It sounds fantastic! I'm trying it tomorrow! Beautiful photos, too!