Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fried Sardines

This is another recipe I made a few weeks ago, adapted from my favorite San Franciscan turned Parisian blogger, David Liebovitz.(This recipe can be found in his book The Sweet Life in Paris available at ). It is unique and in my opinion tastes hot off the fry pan and even better at room temperature the next day.

A note about the sardines: When I think of sardines I picture the slimy, salty little things that come in a can. But at the open market in Paris, they are these big beautiful fillets of fish that don't smell at all fishy. The bones have been taken out, and they are ready to go. We bought a half kilo of them for only 2 euro (*about $2.75). It lasted us 3 meals each, so it was a great deal!

The Recipe (you'll have to buy his book for the full recipe, and believe me it's worth it, such a great read! But here is the gist of the recipe):

  1. Dredge the fillets in flour on both sides(I add a dash of salt to the flour first)
  2. Heat a pan with a bunch of vegetable oil in it so it's very hot
  3. Fry the fish one minute on each side
  4. Let drain on a paper towel
  5. Add sliced onions, cook for 20 mins
  6. Add vinegar and sugar to the onions
  7. Serve yourself some fish and a spoonful the onion/suga/vinegar mixture (the pickling sauce)
  8. With the leftovers, layer the sardines with the pickling sauce
  9. Cover well and refrigerate
  10. Eat the pickled sardines with thick crusty bread and brie, preferably in the Luxembourg Garden :)

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